What does DreamVPS offer?

For deployable, manageable, and scalable applications, DreamVPS offers the easiest and fastest cloud platform. With no infrastructure friction and built-in predictability, applications of any size can be worked on by developers to ensure their software is seamless.

What are the advantages of DreamVPS?

  • There is no cloud platform for running and scaling applications more easily than DreamVPS. It provides administration tools that can be used effortlessly as well as full-stack compute, storage, and networking services. This is an all-in-one platform for cloud computing at scale.
  • With reliable pricing, you can forget worrying about complicated subscription schemes. You will always know what you’re paying per month, as DreamVPS offers a flat pricing structure in all of their global data centers.
  • DreamVPS was designed with the developer in mind. Elegant design leads to better software, and we’ve ensured a smooth, seamless infrastructure will allow users to build just that. Our simple control panel and API guarantee it.
  • DreamVPS provides world-class customer support for both technical and account services. Our teams are dedicated to client satisfaction, and their services are offered free of charge, regardless of your payment plan, and are available instantly 24/7/365.
  • With one of the most robust, active communities of developers in the industry today, DreamVPS allows you to grow and build at any scale. Our open-source technical tutorials, Q&As, and resources are both easy-to-follow and very accessible.

Pricing & Billing – General

Billing Details

Hourly billing is applied to each VPS until a monthly cap is reached. Billing can be charged to a PayPal balance or credit card, with invoices for the previous month’s usage due on the first of each month.

<h3 “>Hourly vs. Monthly Billing

There is no need to decide between hourly vs. monthly billing plans. Hourly billing applies to all VPS usage until a monthly cap is reached, equal to continuous running for 28 days. This way, you’ll never pay for usage you don’t need, and there’s no need to calculate things differently for months of differing lengths.

Powered-off VPS charges

Even when your VPS is turned off, we reserve the CPU, RAM, and IP address for it. To save a VPS for the future without paying the full cost for its use, you’ll need to take a snapshot. When you want to bring it back online, simply boot it up from the snapshot, which costs you $0.05/GB/month in storage fees.

Credit Card Charging

On the 1st of each month, we will apply a charge to your credit card for the previous month’s usage. Time zone differences may alter this slightly.

Advance Payment

You can pre-pay, but at present only using your PayPal balance. Credit and debit must be charged monthly.

Local Currencies

In order to ensure our pricing structure is as straightforward and reliable as possible, DreamVPS bills exclusively in USD. Invoicing is also issued in USD, not local currency. We apologize for any inconvenience.


We do not currently offer refunds, as services rendered are services used. You can always open a support ticket if your circumstances are unique, and you always have the option to destroy your VPS and only pay for the hours you’ve already used.


Verified Users

The verified user process is automatic and should be completed within 30 days of your account being opened. Once you are verified, you can manually charge your credit card and your VPS limit will be periodically increased.

VPS Limit Increase

VPS limits can be viewed on your account setting page, and an increase can be requested there. We will review the request and notify you of the result.

Account Upgrades and Upgrade Fees

You may resize your VPS manually and your account will automatically be upgraded to match. There are no fees associated with the resizing. Simply turn off your VPS and resize in the control panel.

Root Passwords

Root passwords are e-mailed to get users online and running servers as quickly as possible. You will need to update your e-mailed password upon login. We recommend the following:
  • A password with more than eight characters.
  • A string of random words.
  • Including numbers and/or punctuation.
  • A mixture of upper and lower case.
  • Using different passwords for each server.

If no root password was e-mailed to you, first check your spam folder. If there is still nothing, you can reset your VPS password through “Access” and “Reset Password.”

As an alternative to passwords, SSH key access is allowed. These can be added to your control panel under the root user. Read the following:

How to Use SSH Keys with DreamVPS VPSs

No root password will be applied when SSH keys are used.

If you intend to use SSH key access, we recommend updating your ssh config with the following: PermitRootLogin without-password

See the following to learn more: How to Set Up SSH Keys

Lost Welcome E-mails

We do not resend passwords. Instead, you can select that you have forgotten your password on the login page and we will send you instructions on how to reset your lost password.

E-mail Address Change

Navigate to the Settings page and click the gear icon to change your e-mail address. A confirmation e-mail will first be sent to your current e-mail address to confirm your request.

Account Cancellation

You can deactivate your account any time via the control panel. Destroy all active VPS accounts and ensure all billing matters are settled before canceling.


Bandwidth Charges

A free allowance for bandwidth is allowed with your VPS plan. Any outbound data transfer exceeding this is charged. Beginning with 1TB per month, allowances increment from there according to the purchase plan, with transfers pooled and pro-rated across all active VPS hours. Costs for exceeding allowance are pegged at $0.01/GB.

Managed Hosting

All DreamVPS hosting is unmanaged, but you can reach out to our support team if you encounter any problems. We recommend reaching out to the DreamVPS community or accessing our Knowledge Base Center for debugging help or questions.


Uptime SLA is 99.99% for block storage and VPS. Any lost time is refunded back at the hourly rate it was charged.

Datacenter Locations

Three are located in NYC, one each in San Francisco, Singapore, London, Frankfurt, and Toronto, and three more in Amsterdam. We have hundreds of peers on other providers and exchange points.


API Credentials

API Access Tokens can be generated in the API section of the control panel.

Hidden API Token Recovery

A lost or forgotten API token can be regenerated in the API section of the control panel where it was created. All applications and scripts using this token will need to be updated.

API Documentation

API documentation, including guides and libraries, can be found for several programming languages on our developer website.
Updated on December 22, 2018

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